Why are family portraits so important?

Family photos are important because they have the power to take you back in time. They do not just show us how we looked but they freeze memories, allowing us to remember them years from now.

Pictures, just like memories and stories, are a part of our legacy.
In a few years our children will ask us to see photos of the family, of their grandparents, of them as babies and important events of their childhood.
It would be sad not to keep these visual moments that tell our individual stories and document our families’ milestones.

I understand that daily family life spares very little time for non-routine activities and even harder to schedule a slot for a photo-shooting. Time and oft though I get to hear the lament “I wish I had that moment captured in a photo!” and to be honest it is the same for me.
I regret not to have photos with my grand-parents and I can sadly not go back in time. I am not able to show my girls how special our relationship was. I spent all my summer holidays with them, collecting adventures on the mountains but not a single picture exists that would help me tell that beautiful story.

I can not connect them to my own story, I can of course tell them about but a photo would tell much more and would be always there any time you want or need.

It is really a gift to be able to share details, places, people, instants to those we love, so that they can feel a little bit of the emotions we felt.

Please do not look for the right moment, there is no one. Time flies, your kids grow up fast and any single moment is the perfect one. They will be disappointed not to have photos to show to their kids.

Looking at family albums together is so funny, you can spend an entire afternoon travelling back in time and remember these moments that we keep in our hearts like hidden treasures.

I personally love family photo shootings, it’s the sessions I enjoy the most.
I always start with a “everybody looking in the camara”-photo and then move to more emotional photos that slowly reveal your connections and personality.
Letting me discover your individual world is such a gift.