Motherhood Photoshooting in Lucerne region

Motherhood is like an endless light. One that shines no matter the season.

Motherhood photoshooting in Luzern region.

May is here and with it comes that eternal question; How can you make Mother’s Day incredibly special and memorable for your mum or even for yourself? 

To us, everyday is Mother’s Day, but there is one particular day in a year that is dedicated just for mothers.

One gift all mums will cherish for years to come is a Mother’s Day photo session.

Why are Motherhood photos so important?

We know that as moms, we often end up being the ones behind the camera, capturing memories of our family but not often appearing in them ourselves, it’s time to be there for once!

For this reason and to celebrate us mums, I am offering a Mother’s Day special promotion during the month of May: 7 digitally edited photos for CHF 210.-.

You can of course buy additional photos if you wish and organize the session until the end of September.

We can decide the location together depending on where you live, the kind of photos you like, your kids personality, the outfits you would like to dress.

Do I need to bring something special for the photoshooting?

There is no need on any special preparations, the photos will be very spontaneous, just you with your kids walking, playing, cuddling them, watching the clouds, collecting flowers or telling each other’s secrets.

Depending on the age, I will take with me some little vintage toys and time will fly.

If you come with your mum, the session will be a more intimate moment of complicity and connection.
Hugs, caresses on the cheecks, walking hand with hand, looking in the eyes, remembering adventures of your childhood.

Motherhood photography sessions are a celebration of your role as a mother, the tender love you have for your children and the authentic connections you share with them, either if you are mum yourself or daughter,  these portraits are treasures and their value will grow with time.

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