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This idyllic location offers a wonderful view of the Vierwaldstättersee and the mountains

I would say it is for who would like to have a fantastic lake-mountain view and is flexible. The spot is reachable by car from Lucerne in about half an hour. You can also get there by using a combination of public transport, but it takes a while and a little walk is needed anyway.

The shooting can be organized only on sunset time as the sun turns down in front of the lake or on cloudy days at any time.

Nearby there is a scenic bar restaurant where we could also organize a couple of photos while you have a refreshment at its breathtaking panorama terrace.

This location can be combined with a small walk to enjoy the entire spectacular landscape. This pleasant car free route reveals beautiful views of the lakes, Alps, and of the Central Plateau with a glimpse of local farmhouses.

Yes, by car it’s very easy. By public transport it’s a bit more complicated but not impossible.

Absolutely not. You have a beautiful view of the lake but not near the water.

Sunset time is my favorite time as the light is warm and soft. In cloudy days we can also organize the shooting a bit earlier.

Of course! If you have a special occasion to celebrate like an anniversary, we can plan to bring a bottle of champagne, strawberries or even a rustica pick nick. Nearby there is a bar restaurant, we could also take some images at their terrace.

Yes, of course. It’s car free and they can run and play on the grass. If you would like to take the panorama view walk, take into consideration that we have to walk a bit and one path is a bit uphill

After your booking you will receive an outfit guide with examples and tips. I have client’s wardrobe for girls (1 to 10 years old) and some beautiful long dresses for women.

Here the weather changes very fast so we could be forced to postpone or anticipate the shooting to avoid the rain. Cloudy weather is fine, the light is also very charming.

If you live here around we can choose another day suitable for both parties.

If you stay in this area just a couple of days, I will ask you a second possible date for the shooting during the booking just in case the weather doesn’t allow us to do shooting on the planned date.

Idyllic spot near Luzern


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 350
  • • 10 photos individually edited
  • 60 Minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 30.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 50+ photos CHF 100.-


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 450
  • • 15 photos individually edited
  • 90 Minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 25.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 100+ photos CHF 150.-


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 500
  • • 20 photos individually edited
  • 120 Minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 20.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 150+ photos CHF 200.-


– Delivery of the hand edited digital photos included in your package (jpeg format, high resolution).

– My assistance in the wardrobe selection.

– A useful guide with higlights on how to style and choose the proper clothes & colours for your session.

– All the props/material of my inventory used for the session.

– Wide choice of girls outfits (form 2 years old) and accessories at your disposal.

– 1 photo gratis of your choice if you let me publish (social media, webpage) some photos of your gallery.

– Prices up to 5 family members, for each additional family member: CHF 30.-.

– My travel expenses.

Additional photos (only valid with large package)


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 150
  • • 10 photos individually edited


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 180
  • • 15 photos individually edited


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 200
  • • 20 photos individually edited


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