Family Photoshooting in nature

Planning a family photo session can be challenging but not impossible and I am here to help!

I adore family photo shootings, it’s the most requested session and I enjoy each one of them!

Each family is a world, and the session is like a canvas, you are the author and you will paint it!

Over my experience I have come up with some tips that will ensure a fun family photo session:


Clothing can have a huge impact on your family photos. When you book the session, I will send you a family outfits guide with lots of examples and tips about colors and styles. 

You will have enough time to choose the clothing and not less important the shoes.

Everything has to match and be in harmony.

Do not wait until a few days before to choose or buy something new.

I recommend always to start with mum’s outfit. Mums, you should choose something you like and you are comfortable to wear, then choose the rest of the outfits including 2 or 3 colors over that palette.

I recommend you involve your kids in the process as much as possible, they have to agree with the outfits, it’s better not to force them to wear something they do not like.

It’s also useful to have a backup outfit for the little ones, occasionally things do not go as planned.

You can send me photos of the outfits of your choice that you have at home or screenshots of clothes you would like to buy. We can then have a look together to find the best combination.


If your child still naps, make sure he/she sleeps enough before the session. If the scheduled session time overlaps the nap we can change it a bit. Skipping the nap is not a good idea.

We know that tired or hungry kids are quite unlikely to smile for family photos.

It’s important that they eat something before the photo session but we can also take a break for a snack. Pack something little to eat and of course water. 


I suggest talking to the kids before the shooting. Depending on their age you can tell them that Sara will take photos to create beautiful memories for your family, that it will be nice to see all these photos printed afterwards. You can show them my photos having a look at the “About me” section on my web page so my face will look familiar to them before meeting ;-).


I always carry some little props with me, normally vintage or wooden toys that will be in harmony with the environment and help your kids getting active. 

I will take photos of them playing and try to establish a natural flow.

If they have a favorite book or teddy take it with you as it will help to break the ice and feel comfortable. Soap bubbles are always my bring-along, they make young and not so young very happy. 


Every child is different, some are very shy and need time to warm up, others are full of energy and more extroverted.

I suggest interacting with them, I will tell you some directions and give some commands. Directing all the time is however not a good idea, they might pose for a give-me-a-smile photo but it will not look natural and they will not enjoy it, as a of result expressions on the photos will likely look boring or even angry.

I prefer to let the session flow and if your toddler just wants to stay in your arm, it’s perfect either way, I will capture these cuddles and emotional moments. 


Sometimes, even if you have meticulously planned your session with plenty of time ahead, things do not go as expected. 

Even if the kids are well rested and fed, something can go in the other direction and we cannot control everything! Some parents get very anxious which I fully understand, sometimes they start to give strong directions like “look at the camara”, “would you please smile” etc. Here goes my biggest tip: take a deep breath, don`t lose your nerves and trust me! I will capture the beauty in the chaos of your unique family moments. There will be tears, hugs, laughs and everything is part of your family and will eventually be the most precious memories I can capture.


Why did you book a family session? I imagine you are not here why you would love to have the perfect smiling looking at the camara photo, I assure you that you will get it, you will have the perfect photo for your Christmas card, but I am sure you didn’t book me just for that!

You want photos that capture your family’s love and connections, images that evoke emotions! 

During our family photo shooting just relax, if the kids do not behave like expected breath and play with them, if your little baby cries, close your eyes and hold him, let you being cuddle by your partner, pretend there is nothing else as your family and the unique bond that connect you. I really love to explore emotions and connections. Look at your kids, kiss them, keep smiling even if they do not collaborate. When you interact with them, they will give you the most natural smile and everything will flow!

I will capture those hugs, tears, cuddles, emotions, all those moments that reflect your family and your own story.


You prepared the outfits, planned everything and you are ready to arrive on time for your session. It’s not easy and you already made a lot! Now is time to relax, to enjoy and have fun spending time with your loved ones!

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