Family photo with kids, sunrise, natural light. Outdoor family shooting area Luzern and Zug.


Frequently asked

Where do the sessions take place?

I have some locations in Eschenbach (6274) or nearby that I love to shoot at, so I will coordinate those with you when booking and going over details of your sessions. It also depends a lot on the season in terms of light and natural landscape.
If you have a specific location you would like to shoot at, please let me know in advance to make sure it will be suitable for your session.

What time does the session take place?

My session generally take place during the “golden hour” before the sunset.
This time of the day truly fits my photography style best.

What should I wear?

I advice my clients on wardrobe options. Believe it or not wardrobe has a huge impact on the aesthetics of your photos. I will send you a guide and help you on what colors and patterns fit well together and which don’t. For little girls I also have a wide range of outfits and accessories. I want you looking and feeling at your best!

How long is the session?

I do not offer mini sessions. At least 1 hour is necessary to have enough time to get into a good groove with each other and give you more time to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camara. I do not mind stopping if the kid/s is/are tired and need a snack. The sessions are quite dynamic and time really flies.

Will my photos be published?

People interested in my work can only get an idea of my natural, timeless style by seeing my photos. That’s why I’m very happy when I can show yor galleries. This is always done with your written consent and your names will never appear on social/webpage. The clients who let me publish will receive a photo gratis (jpeg format, high resolution).

What happens if the weather is bad?

Clouds are not a problem. In case of rain and/or wind we can reschedule our session to another date that suits both.

When will I receive my images?

I will send you a digital gallery with all the photos I took in jpeg format after 10 days of the session date. The photos sent will have been adjusted in terms of light, composition and colours, however they are not in high resolution nor are they to be considered as final product. You have 1 week from the gallery receipt date to choose the final pictures you want to be edited by me.
I will send back the final digital edited photos within a month from your email date. The digital photos will be sent in jpeg format and high resolution. The final edit of the chosen photos will include the skin retouch, the color harmony and my individual rework.

How can I book my session?

To book the session an upfront deposit of 50% of the session price is required on the booking date. On the same date you have to send the countersigned contract by email or by A-Post. The payment can be done by bank transfer or Twint.

Do you also work during weekends?

Yes, I work during weekends. On Sundays I apply a little additional fee.


No, I do not deliver raw files nor unedited photos. You will receive the number of photos established in the package you have bought (plus extra photos if you have bought any).

Familie Fotoshooting Exterieur. Eltern mit Kinder Sonnenuntergang
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