Christmas photography in Lucerne

„Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”

Edna Ferber

This is a special session I offer in October when the weather is still nice and the light wraps you with its warmth. Individual or family pictures, it is maybe the perfect greetings card.

If you would like to receive more information about the session, follow the link below.

Of course, kids, families and pet are very welcome to the Christmas photoshoot.

It’s a wonderful moment to get a magical portrait that can be uses as a Christmas card and gift for family and friends.

I start the Christmas shootings in October when the weather is still warm and dry.

Due to the weather conditions I sometimes need to change the appointments and I want to make sure everybody receive his memories on time to greet the family with a nice Christmas card.

I normally shoot in a magical forest around Eschenbach (6274).

It offers a nice walk and lovely Christmas trees, both are perfect locations to frame a wonderful Christmas Card.

I love to use few vintage props and lights.

The forest and the Christmas trees are already a perfect frame to create lovely memories.

This is the only session where I look for a “everybody looking in the camera photo” as I know it is for most people the perfect Christmas Card.

I then explore more emotional scenes as I believe these represent the best memories for your family, little moments, hugs, kisses, ..

Not less important is the Christmas Tree decoration, normally task of the little ones with a special help form big brothers and sisters and family.

I change the appointment if it rains or it’s windy (wind can be dangerous in the forest).

Clouds are not a problem, I love cloudy days, and of course snow give such a special atmosphere to a Christmas shooting.

No, it’s not my way to work, I really can’t to meet your family, connect with the kids and take nice photos in less than 20 minuets.

I really love to take time, so I count normally at least 45 minutes for a Christmas session.

Of course! As soon as your appointment is booked I will send you an Outfit Guide with color combinations, ideas and tips in how to choose the clothes.

I have a wide range of outfits and accessories for little girls (from 2 to 11 years old). If you would like to see the dresses, I will be happy to send you pictures of them.

If you want to shop before the shooting, I have collected some preferred shops for you in my guide.

This happens often with children. Please take enough time to get healthy again. A photo shoot with sick children is never successful! No worries, we’ll find an alternative date.




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