Birthday photography in Lucerne

May all your wishes come true.

Would you like to have a sweet memory of your kids birthday?

No matter how old your son or daughter turns, every milestone is important and worth to be remembered.

My birthday photoshootings are outdoor, in the forest or close to a lake, in the countryside or in the mountains. Where the kids are free to enjoy this experience and be themselves. The little ones will try (or destroy) the cake, have fun discovering the textures and taste of each ingredient while the big ones will blow the candles, run away with the balloons and be the real protagonist of their “big day”.

Of course it is! Every birthday is important, and we all celebrate our birthday with the same enthusiasm every year.

Among all the years, milestone birthdays are more special and deserve to be framed! A first birthday, turning 5, becoming a teenager at 13, and an 18th birthday are all important childhood milestones but not less important are the 30th and so on.

My studio is the nature; the colors it offers in every season are just amazing.

The light is wonderful no matter if winter or summer. It is the perfect environment where you can relax and feel free.

It depends on the age and on what you like. The style has to be simple and the colors matching with the outfits and the surrounding (for example neon colors and figures like Disney Pullovers do not really fit).

I really love donuts, muffins, cakes, colorful Marshmallows, a little pile of pancakes with cream or even fruit like a slice of watermelon.

The cake/donuts/muffin are symbolic, and we can still celebrate using a fake cake (I have a nice one), fruit or even a Bretzel.

I like to take few things with me that enrich the scene, some balloons or pompon, a garland, a wooden birthday number and of course a small blanket.

What I do never take are confetti, they are difficult to be collected at the end and our goal is also to respect the environment.

We can of course talk before the shooting and organize it depending on the age of the kid and the style you like.

I would recommend to book at least one and a half month before the birthday.

This for digital files, if you wish paper copies you have to count three weeks more.

This happens often with children. Please take enough time to get healthy again. A photo shoot with sick children is never successful! No worries, we’ll find an alternative date.

Birthday Photoshooting


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 350
  • • 10 photos individually edited
  • 60 minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 30.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 50+ photos CHF 100.-


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 450
  • • 15 photos individually edited
  • 90 minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 25.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 100+ photos CHF 150.-


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 500
  • • 20 photos individually edited
  • 120 minutes
  • Any additional photo individually edited CHF 20.-
  • Optional download entire gallery: 150+ photos CHF 200.-


– Delivery of the hand edited digital photos included in your package (jpeg format, high resolution).

– My assistance in the wardrobe selection.

– A useful guide with higlights on how to style and choose the proper clothes & colours for your session.

– All the props/material of my inventory used for the session.

– Wide choice of girls outfits (form 2 years old) and accessories at your disposal.

– 1 photo gratis of your choice if you let me publish (social media, webpage) some photos of your gallery.

– Prices up to 5 family members, for each additional family member: CHF 30.-.

Additional photos (only valid with large package)


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 150
  • • 10 photos individually edited


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 180
  • • 15 photos individually edited


Introduce tu descripción
CHF 200
  • • 20 photos individually edited




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